Target 2020 - Worcestershire

The Worcestershire Target 2020 project and will support Worcestershire based small and medium-sized enterprises until August 2018.

The project offers support in terms of:

  • Expert energy efficiency advice including onsite energy survey, analysis of historical energy use, advice report presented onsite and help to create an action plan.
  • Partial grants to help fund the installation of energy saving measures. The grants are subject to eligibility criteria and range from £500 to £8,000 and cover 35% of the installation costs.

Grants can be used for anything that will result in carbon savings. This could include, but is not restricted to:

  • LED lighting
  • Lighting Controls
  • Boilers/Heating plant
  • Heating / Cooling controls
  • Free cooling in Beer Cellars
  • Specialist equipment (e.g. compressors or manufacturing equipment)
  • More efficient refrigeration equipment
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Insulation – loft, wall, pipework
  • Window coating
  • Solar installations (providing no feed-in-tariffs are claimed)

For more information or to register an interest please contact:

The business team on 01452 835 060 or

All SME businesses in Worcestershire are eligible except those in the following sectors:

  • fishery and aquaculture sectors supported by EFF
  • primary production, processing and marketing of agricultural products, supported by EAFRD
  • coal, steel and shipbuilding sectors
  • the synthetic fibres sector
  • generalised (school age) education
  • banking and insurance companies
  • organisations that receive more than 50% of their main funding from Government or local Government.