About ERDF

The European Regional development Fund (ERDF) is one of Five main EU Funds that work together to support economic development across all EU countries, in line with the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy

The ERDF aims to strengthen economic and social cohesion in the European Union by correcting imbalances between its regions.

The ERDF focuses its investments on several key priority areas. This is known as 'thematic concentration':

  • Innovation and research;
  • The digital agenda;
  • Support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs);
  • The low-carbon economy.
European Union

The ERDF is funding both of the Target 2020 programmes which are aimed at supporting SMEs to reduce Green House Gas emissions through improved energy efficiency resulting in lower running costs and improved profitability.

It is hoped that there will also be a knock-on effect benefiting the local economy from the predominant use of local businesses to install the energy efficiency measures

Gloucestershire Target 2020 Project

Funded by the European Regional Development Fund, the Herefordshire Business Energy Efficiency Programme (BEEP) supports SMEs to deliver cost savings to the business through energy, waste and water efficiency.
Free assessments and grant funding available.

Businesses in Herefordshire, click here

Worcestershire Target 2020 Project

Funded by the European Regional Development Fund, Worcestershire Target 2020 supported over 100 SMEs, and Gloucestershire supported over 200.

Gloucestershire open Worcestershire closed