IMPORTANT: Target 2020 programme closed;
Gloucestershire SMEs click here for Target 2030
Herefordshire SMEs now eligible for survey and grants

Target 2020 is a business energy efficiency programme that is here to help small and medium-sized businesses identify and reduce their energy costs and impact on the environment through the installation of energy efficiency measures. 

High business energy costs?

If you have high energy bills in your business, whether from heating, lighting or any other equipment you run in your premises – we can identify and recommend ways that you can reduce your output and overheads. 

Free survey and generous grants

We offer a free site survey, report and presentation, analysing how your business uses energy. We will recommend energy-saving measures, including no-cost, low-cost and capital-cost measures, all of which will save your business money. There is no obligation to install improvements, but if you choose to invest – there are generous grants available to cover 35% of the installation costs.

The programme is open as Target 2020 to eligible SME's in Gloucestershire, and as the Business Energy Efficiency Programme in Herefordshire, and is delivered by Severn Wye Energy Agency, an independent charity and not-for-profit company with a mission to provide practical expertise for more energy efficient, sustainable living.

Gloucestershire Target 2020 Project

Funded by the European Regional Development Fund, the Herefordshire Business Energy Efficiency Programme (BEEP) supports SMEs to deliver cost savings to the business through energy, waste and water efficiency.
Free assessments and grant funding available.

Businesses in Herefordshire, click here

Worcestershire Target 2020 Project

Funded by the European Regional Development Fund, Worcestershire Target 2020 supported over 100 SMEs, and Gloucestershire supported over 200.

Gloucestershire open Worcestershire closed


Is your organisation able to take part?
The Target 2020 programme is open to all SMEs in Gloucestershire and Worcestershire
What is an SME? An organisation can be classed as an SME if the following apply:

  • Fewer than 250 FTE employees

And an annual turnover ≤ €50m and/or a balance sheet total ≤ € 43m

Exceptions: the following sectors are not eligible for the Target 2020 programme;
Fishery and aquaculture sectors supported by EFF, primary production, processing and marketing of agricultural products, supported by EAFRD, Coal, steel and shipbuilding sectors, the synthetic fibres sector, generalised (school age) education, banking and insurance companies and organisations who receive more the 50% of main funding from central or local government.

Energy Data Analysis

Prior to the survey we ask participants to provide us with at least a year’s worth of utility bills (gas, electricity and water). This allows us to establish a baseline for the organisation and can help identify trends in the energy data – be that seasonal, monthly or weekly.

The more data you can provide the better the analysis an advisor can do and the more accurate the predicted savings in the final report will be.

Site Survey

The site survey will consist of a brief chat with management. Our business energy advisor will want to confirm hours of operation and to see what measures have already been considered and discounted and why. They would also want to find out what you might be keen to consider.

Then the business energy advisor will look around the entire site to assess opportunities that include heating & hot water, insulation, lighting, process energy (motors drives, cellar services etc.), user behaviour and renewable energy savings e.g. PV solar panels.

Depending on the size of the premises the survey will usually take an hour or two.

Confirmation of Grant

Once approved, you will be sent two copies of the grant confirmation letter, additional terms and conditions and the grant claims form.

One of the confirmation letters will need to be signed and returned to confirm that you will be moving forward with the installation. (The claims form is not returned at this time.)

The grant offer remains valid for 3 months from the date of the grant confirmation letter, unless agreed otherwise.

Getting Quotes for Measures

Certified copies of the quotes will need to be forwarded to your business energy advisor highlighting which quote is being accepted before the grant amount can be confirmed.

  • If the measure being installed costs less than £25,000 then only one quote is required. However we recommend that at least three are obtained.
  • If the measure being installed costs £25,000 or more then you will be required to enter into a formal tender process.

Recoverable VAT
We will also need to know if your company is VAT registered. Reclaimable VAT is deducted from a quote prior to calculating the 35% grant.

Presentation of Report

Each SME will receive a bespoke energy report. The report will be presented by our experts to the organisations management team for consideration. All of the recommendations are summarised at the end of the report and broken down into no cost, low cost and capital cost measures.

There is also a recommendations section for which measures would be suitable for grant funding. The advisor is happy to follow up the report with extra research into specific measures where required.

Install the Measures

The installation can take place after the grant confirmation letter has been received.

Reclaim the Grant

Once the installation has been completed and paid for you can claim the grant.
This will require:

  • Completed claims form including bank details for bacs payment
  • Redacted bank statements showing the funds going to the installer
  • Photos of the newly installed equipment

The grant will be paid within 4 weeks of receiving all of the documentation.
You will also receive a de minimis statement to confirm the value of the service provided.


As part of the programme we are keen to create case studies on all installations. These will be published on this website and promoted on social media and shown at industry events.
Drafts of any case studies will be shown you prior to publication. In some circumstances case studies will be created prior to any installations taking place to highlight findings of the survey process.

  • Eligibility Check
  • Energy Data Analysis
  • Site Survey
  • Confirmation Of Grant Level
  • Get Quotes For Measure
  • Report Presented To Management
  • Install Measures
  • Reclaim Grant
  • Publicity